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Opening today (the opening reception is on June 4th, 6PM - 9PM) at Baker + Hesseldenz Fine Art in Tucson, AZ is an amazingly unique group exhibition, which I am so excited to be apart of, entitled, "Art [CUBED]". Mary-Ann and Scott had the very cool idea of a small works show being centered around the concept of a 6" x 6" wooden cube. So they sent twenty nine cubes to twenty nine fine-artists around the world to customize.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine did a write up on the show... thanks Miu!

Pictured below is my contribution to the exhibition entitled, "Built-In Obsolescence" ...

I thought it would be interesting if there was a person stuck inside the cube pressing and pushing their face on the surface trying to escape. Thinking of the agony of being trapped in something for a long time, I illustrated many different emotions one might go through on each side of the cube.

"Art [Cubed]" features the work of some of the truly phenomenal talents of contemporary art. I am so honored and humbled to be a part of the exhibition.

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