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The Birds Exhibition

Also this fall, I had the privilege to be a part of an awesome group themed exhibition, through the Lovett's Gallery in Tulsa, entitled, "The Birds". The work created for this exhibition was loosely themed around the Hitchcock thriller of the same title. I have two pieces in the show, "The Ravenous" and "The Morrigan Speaks".

If you are interested in either piece please contact Jack Summers at Lovett's Gallery via email, or by phone, 918.664.4732.

The exhibition will be up through January of 2016. Cheers!

The Ravenous" | Oil on Linen | 38" x 30" | 2015

Detail of "The Ravenous"

"The Morrigan Speaks" | Oil on Linen | 40" x 30" | 2015

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