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The Lollipop Guild

To all of my Tulsa friends, I have the honor of being a part of a fantastic group small works exhibition with the Lovett's Gallery entitled, "The Lollipop Guild". The exhibition opens on June 20th and runs through July 20th. I hope you all are able to attend. For the show I produced three new works. It was a challenge working so small since I always work so large (THANKS GRAD SCHOOL!).

Thanks again to Jack and the rest of the Lovett's famlity for the great opportunity!

Here are the works that will be in the show...

"Now Is Not The Time"

Oil on Panel / 12" x 12" / 2015

"To Think Of Pulsing Time, The Sky Continues Momentarily"

Oil on Canvas / 12" x 8" / 2015

"Time Travel Is So Yesterday"

Oil on Canvas / 12" x 12" / 2015

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